I’m moving to a new blog site:  www.halfdozenscrambled.com.

Why would I do such a thing?  On this wordpress.com site, I am limited in my capabilities.  I can’t see IP addresses of my readers.  I can’t put up files for download.  I can’t imbed video except for linking to youtube.  I can’t have more than 10 widgets.  I can’t advertise, either for myself on other sites, or, on my site.  I wanted to have a feedjit, which is a fun way to track  where my visitors are from in my sidebar.  I can’t block users that don’t behave by IP address. I will be able on my new site to have more control, and better storage capabilities; I ran out of memory here. If I am going to have to pay for an upgrade, well, I might as well get a serious upgrade.  So I am moving to my own domain, although I will keep the WordPress software. They are designed to do just this sort of move.

It has been a ton of work, but Paul did 99% of the work. Thanks, Paul.  One downside will be that I am going to have to ask all of you subscribers to re-subscribe on the new site.  Sorry for the extra work.  Email subscribers, when you get an email to click on, just click right on through.  WordPress followers, sorry, but you’ll have to redo that on the new site.  But more content and capabilities are on the way. I also haven’t figured out how to import my statistics by post, so that my most popular posts are the ones that appear on the sidebar.  The ones that are there now are the ones we had a hard time moving, so they had a lot of clicks from the work we were doing.  Go back and click on your favorites – maybe they’ll show up there!

Also, I want to give credit to my brother David, who thought up the new name for the blog.  The ones I thought up were already taken.  I wanted gracenotes or saltandpepper, and they didn’t work out.  Great idea, Dave.  Credit!

Once I get the functionality I want, then I am going to go to work on the theme and graphics.  That is not our strength, so I will be looking for outside help on that. Hopefully this will be a seamless transition.

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